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I have now made most of my samples into mini quilts. As I said in the earlier post this series is about loss of sane mind… inappropriate thought prosesses.

here are updated photos, they arent in the best lighting so I will re-update that once I have the series completed and the sunlight to take acceptable photos. Its really hard to see the quilting in these hopefully that will be more apparent in better lighting.


the next few photos are the reverse sides of these quilts in the same order





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Zack and I shared the same idea for “the best valentines day gift ever”. Our very good friend (and new neighbor) Kim Reed painted these beautiful portraits of our girls on the top secret request of both of us!    Thanks Kimmie.  She does custom portraits, if your interested you can check out her site here… milkmadeart.com


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this is the third project for the class “images on fabric”. This class so far has just been tedious exercises, and this project is also but we are making a series of 15 8×8 pieces of dyed fabrics that have a theme. The idea behind these images for me is the act of losing sensible thought;  socially unacceptable thought processes. It is all still experimenting but its been so much fun. Here are the photos of what I did tonight. I’m getting a really late start due to being really sick so I will not be leaving the house at all this weekend. Hooray for dyeing!

these are silk screened with h dye in sodium alginate on cotton velvet and cotton print cloth


these are some samples drying on the wall. I pinned them up so I could look at them. I dont have enough table room to keep everything right there. the studio is crazy right now. some of the techniques are: monoprinting, blockprinting, painting, “wet on wet, gutta, resist…. what am I forgetting

these next few are in the very beginning stages. the chunks you see on a couple of the squares is salt. Its supposed to create an interesting ring effect.


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I have been spending many many hours researching various ideas and have come across some pretty awesome blogs and websites along the way. I feel like they are too good not to share. so please check them out. I promise you will like them.








great printmaker and ceramicist Matt Squibb


this blog has tons of great images from other artists lovely textiles

worlds healthiest foods… contains nutrient info and what foods are best for us. lots of great info.  http://www.whfoods.com/foodstoc.php 

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I have been terrible with writing lately. I started two dye classes so all I have been doing is making dye samples. So I thought that I would finally post at least a few photos of these samples. I promise that soon I will post fun stuff, more than ‘just samples’.

these beautiful colors were made with natural dye stuff.. logwood created the wonderful greys, onion skins both red and sweet made the yellows to brown and that bright pink you see is cochineal


these samples are all MX dyes. the left are different types of shibori.


these next few are all H dyes. the book shown in the last two photos took about 20 hours to make. there are over 200 dye smples in it. that was a brutal weekend


today I heard about an amazing wesite to buy yardage of 100%organic cotton dyed with all natural dyes. The colors are beautiful. heres the site.. ten fold organics

also if you are int he market for a fantastic natural dye book I just got a copy of Natural Dyes by Linda Rudkin and it is an awesome book. super detailed, great photos and many types of dye. Its a must have for anyone interested in natural dyeing.

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