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I have found that the best thing I can do to get back into my creative and motivated state is to make things. for me its cooking that gets me inspired to sew or get into clay. I dont know what it is about making fod from scratch that moves me but it make me relax and get inspired. My kitchen is my favorite room in my house. it always has been.
kitchenphoto-125.jpgMy little helper
So I am now trying to get back into my creative mode after taking such a long break for family visits and all. I decided that today it was time to finaly make some pumpkin stuff (yes from my november pumpkins they are suprisingly still OK). I started with roasting seeds
just boiledphoto-99.jpgphoto-121.jpg
and now I am going to bake the pumpkins whole and then freeze the meaty part. and maybe I will make some pumpkin soup today.
pumpkins for the ovenphoto-122.jpg

I think that our favorite treasure from holiday with family is this clock (that doesnt work).

“ashleigh makes quilts”. I want to take a mandarin chinese class and relearn what I have forgotten. plus learn how to write. I just dont know when I can take the time to devote to something like that. maybe this summer I can enroll at SSU and just take one class every so often. the only problem I see is that I used to understand mandarin and speak some but with out using it you lose it. so will I relearn it only to lose it again?


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 so I have been making most of the holiday gifts this year. I have actually really enjoyed it. Sometimes when I commit myself to making a gift I get frustrated and lose interest in finishing. this year I have been positive, I think that its the simplicity of the projects that has really helped. that and the new sewing machine. For right now I can only share a couple items. but these are pretty cute.

this first photo is of a mini quilt I made for my grandmother. the photo is of my aunt pushing my mom around the yard. I am still trying to decide on a binding.



next are some marble magnets. I bought little tins to put them in. I think they are so cute. I am totally addicted to making them.


this last set is of more wheezy and abby appliqued tops. another hoodie and a dress shirt. for my older nephew.


lastly this is one of my two squares for a collaborative quilt project I am participating in. I will post photos of it as we start piecing it together. It will be auctioned off with all proceeds donated to a local homeless shelter.


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Kate and I are always talking about what gets people inspired, motivated and moving for their crafting. and how do you explain it? For me its my surroundings. My house is such an extension of who I am and what I love. its colorful with little treasures hidden everywhere. some days I see a little thing stashed on a shelf, in the attic maybe its just hanging on the wall and I will get an idea for a project or it might simply just inspire me to go into my studio and play. I want to start keeping track of these things that catch my eye. so this morning this is what I was looking at.

this pot used to be an herb. but I neglected him too long and he died. he used to live in my kitchen and thats when I put that cupcake topper in it. its from my wedding. Zack gave me that fake flower on our first date. we went to graceland, he got it at a gas station really late at night.

wedding topper

this is a photo of a quilt I did several years ago. it hangs just outside my studio door. I love sliding my fingers through those ruffles. I made this quilt while I was going through diagnosis.


this last image is a banner that Zack painted for a convention he worked. We went to Ringling museum last year and are still thinking about it. as a kid I spent LOTS of time there. it has one of the best selections of paintings and sculpture. not to mention the circus museum. and it is the prettiest place I’ve ever been. I want to make a quilt that has this same feeling. I havent figured out how that will translate quite yet.


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