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“Power on”

I realize that its been some time since my last post… and I have been hearing it from my friends who are trying to keep me on track. So I’m back! I havent been taking any photos of anything lately. I have been thinking about projects to work on and have been weaving my little heart out making small samples using different yarns and materials.

Zack and I have done a wee bit of traveling to Philadelphia for work and to reconnect with two amazing people we havent seen in way too long. We went to Asheville for my 30th birthday and ate a lot I mean a LOT of fabulous food. I am wrapping up another quarter at school and am anxious to be finished with this one already. We are getting ready to take a trip to Sarasota Fl. (where I grew up and havent really been in over 13 years) we will be visiting Ringling Museum of Art which is by far my favorite museum ever. They have a peculiar collection of Renaissance paintings and of course lots and lots of circus stuff. The grounds are gorgeous. As a kid this is where I went weekly when I skipped school.

I have acquired several new cookbooks that are awesome and easy . When we were in Philly we ate at an all vegan restaurant called Horizons and it was the BEST food I have ever eaten so we bought their amazing and informative cookbook. I suggest this book to anyone who likes food, vegan or not.

Last weekend Kate my mom and I went to a Dempsey Farms to pick green beans, strawberries, cucumbers, squash and beautiful flowers. We had such a blast and got so carried away that we all picked so much fruit we should have enough frozen to last till next season.

So I vow to you my friends that I am back up and running to get my thoughts out and share what little I am making and hopefully that will change. So check back and I will share this last weaving project, I am making a scarf from fine bamboo fibers. It will be soft and wonderful on my little neck.


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