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I am working on narrowing down my ideas for my final project for The Art Quilt. I have several series I am anxious to get started on. one that has captured my heart and is now pretty much all I think about is “quilts for sleep” during research I came across this photo and I am starting studies for this quilt today. this photo is of a woman and children walking to the gas chamber.


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mission studio organization

I have been fighting with my lack of organization in my studio. I have a ton of sewing to do today to get caught up from being out of town. and with the total disarray of the room I couldnt deal. it took me three+ hours and its still not exactly where I would like it but I made what I already had in there work. now since it is much tidier I will sew.  I still need a good way of storing old clothing that I use for their fabric. I guess I need to get some more shelving.


I got a package from my grandmother this weekend. in it she sent a crocheted blanket made by my great great grandmother “sometime before 1944” it is awesome! I am so lucky that Frances held onto to this stuff for ever. I guess thats where I get my pack rat tendencies.


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this just makes me happy

I love this photo. probably because I love how this machine makes life so much easier!


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I updated this post because the previous pictures were so horrible. it is now bound and washed and really lovely to touch I am so excited that the 9 patch is such a puzzle to read..


I used two shades of blue silk thread and white for the quilting to create a pattern on the reverse side of the quilt


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quilt top

I will quilt this tomorrow. i think theres about 400 squares in this. 9blocktop.jpg

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this made my week!

I have loved bunny slippers since the first time I see Pewees Big Adventure and spent many years looking for the perfect pair for myself. a couple years ago I found this company that not only has the perfect slippers but they donate money to help people adopt children. It is a must to check out their site. their products are high quality, cute and for a cause!
these are my new bunnies
life simply isnt complete without a pair

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so I now see little squares when I shut my eyes. I still have two more rows to add to the bottom left and then I have a few more inches to add around the 9 squares to create a different effect. I am hopeing to have it totally quilted before tuesday. I will prabably not be leaving the house for the next few days. I am so backed up on all my sewing. YIKES!
9 patch quilt topimg_2923.jpg

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