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I revisited a mini quilt I did from the “quilts for sleep” series. This one is more than twice the originals size and I hand painted it with fabric dyes. 15×14″; Raw silk, Wool, cotton , dyes, ink and a variety of threads.

I am working on finishing up a series of all tonal white quilts heres a shot of some of them waiting to be worked on.


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I have now made most of my samples into mini quilts. As I said in the earlier post this series is about loss of sane mind… inappropriate thought prosesses.

here are updated photos, they arent in the best lighting so I will re-update that once I have the series completed and the sunlight to take acceptable photos. Its really hard to see the quilting in these hopefully that will be more apparent in better lighting.


the next few photos are the reverse sides of these quilts in the same order




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 so I have been making most of the holiday gifts this year. I have actually really enjoyed it. Sometimes when I commit myself to making a gift I get frustrated and lose interest in finishing. this year I have been positive, I think that its the simplicity of the projects that has really helped. that and the new sewing machine. For right now I can only share a couple items. but these are pretty cute.

this first photo is of a mini quilt I made for my grandmother. the photo is of my aunt pushing my mom around the yard. I am still trying to decide on a binding.



next are some marble magnets. I bought little tins to put them in. I think they are so cute. I am totally addicted to making them.


this last set is of more wheezy and abby appliqued tops. another hoodie and a dress shirt. for my older nephew.


lastly this is one of my two squares for a collaborative quilt project I am participating in. I will post photos of it as we start piecing it together. It will be auctioned off with all proceeds donated to a local homeless shelter.


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these quilts were one of two series (or at least the begining of a series) that I showed as my final project for the art quilt class. I forgot to take pictures of them during the critique. I will post the other series; its called “blankets for the american people during terror”; as soon as I find a place in my house to hang them. it sort of takes up a lot of space.
this is a jacket I made. it was the first time i have ever made something like this. Its a bit too small for me so I will be gifting it to my mother in-law. I cant wait to make another one.

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I have been working on my “final projects” this weekend. and though I am not as excited about one set I have gotten myself into, I am loving the “quilts for sleep” series. I finished the first quilt today. its small this quilting was so intimate. I spent all day today working on it and  I am really excited about how it turned out. I used several layers of 100% organic cotton batting and undyed wool roving for the trapunto (the wool is in the smoke it made it seem more invasive to the people). I am hoping that I can do a few more before thursday. 
quilts for sleepimg_3124.jpg

this is the back I dyed the fabric in ink

quilts for sleep .1. back

this weeked the weather was actually nice enough for Wheezy and Abby to play in the yard. Wheezy was of course hammin it up and Abby was being shy as usual.


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I am having fun with keeping a quilting notebook. usually I am not this organized and just have research, drawings and samples randomly in a sleeve in a big binder. So I have tried this approach (its required for a class) and I like it, the only problem is that the book wont really lay flat. too much stuff. I am going to try making a book for my next one. we will have to see how that goes. heres some photos of how I hash stuff out, a couple samples and just some inspiration.img_3050.jpg

this is my attempt at trapunto its such a fun outcome. its really easy to do. more or less its just layering batting under an image to make it “puff up”


I found this gem at a yard sale. I have no clue what to do with it but man is it funny


this is a study for the first set in a series called Quilts for Sleep



piecing study research for quilt ideas
img_3069.jpg img_3068.jpg

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