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I am working on some tedious paper work type-o-stuff in my newly re organized studio.  While I am loving my new space for its functionality for work purposes Abby is loving it for the room she now has to stretch out.  this is not helping my motivation.   


I got in some new fabric to try for my dresses so I will be sewing those hopefully this week. once they are finished I will post them!


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I am not a big drawer but I am trying to be.  This class I am taking requires quite a bit of drawing so I have been working on my own form of drawing using inks, paper and some fabric.  on one sample I sewed a bit lets call it free motion thread drawing.    I took mainly close-ups.  I think that they are reall interesting as bits.  Somehow I am going to work that angle.. I think.

these are studies for possible quilt ideas.  just a way to explore different compositions, color and texture.  I’ll keep posting them as I fine tune and then finally get to the quilt.

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