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losing power

Yesterday was my “day off” I was supposed to do nothing but clean and decompress. the day itself was great very low key good cooking for a good lunch and some quality outdoors time after some desperately needed house cleaning. I even made two little coffe cup sleeves so I dont have to keep getting those paper ones, I always tell myslef that I will save them and reuse them next time but they got ruined in my bag or I just plain forget. so now I am in business with my very own totally reusable and cute cup sleeve. to make this all I did was use one of those cardboard ones as a template, cute out, add in some fusible interfacing, sew it up turn it right side out and put the ends together. viola a wonderful reusable cute coffee cup sleeve. YAY!


so after this wonderful day we had a crazy storm. from what I understand the entire city of Savannah was without power for about 9 hours… driving home was very surreal. Zack and I had a blast sitting on the porch swing and lounging in the house in candle light. I think that these times are great it forces you to just sit in your head and basically meditate.

snack making by candle light


this little thing doesnt typicaly look scary but last night with the fire reflecting on him he was a bit frightening




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here is where I am today with this. I am still not happy with it, but for now I am out of time.

heirloom death devices. An exploration of tradition by Ashleigh Spurlock.

Passing down traditions through generation is something that we have been taught to cherish and cultivate. In this piece I brought together two forms of utilitarian craft, quilting and knitting, that are often passed down from one generation to the next. I paired this with the knowledge we now have about diseases being hereditary. Over the last few decades women have been telling themselves and each other that having a strong and independent facade is the only way to present themselves. We are no longer able to experience sadness, to cry, to be so sensitive. For doing so would knock us back and make us weaker than our peers. This attitude has led many women to suffer in silence.  As a fibers artist I feel compelled to create things that affect someone, everyone. I think as a woman as a being who experiences pain, thoughts, and compassion, I feel that it is my responsibility to bring such issues to light. I feel it necessary to incorporate “everyday” objects and techniques in my work for people from any walk of life to relate to. This installation is commentary on how people suffer alone, how its hidden away behind a closed door, beneath a pretty facade and too often we do not notice until it’s too late.


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I have been sitting on a concept for an installation touching on handmade devices for suicide; namely nooses.  I decided that this idea has spent way too much time in theory.  So I am trying to pull it off as a ‘final project’ for my images on fabric class.  Initially I saw this as being knitted and crocheted, since that didnt work for this particular class I decided to open it up to quilting which really lends itself well to the idea.  I am using a few different fabrics, silk habotai, raw silk, cotton velveteen, and cotton shirting,  the concept is based on women suffering in silence,  how depression can be (and is) passed down through the generations like these crafts they are utilizing to create their own death devices.  This is just the beginning of working this out.  I have a long way to go, but I thought I’d share and hopefully get some feedback.I will post the other photos as I progress.nooseseries.jpgnooseseries6.jpg nooseseries2.jpg 

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I am just starting a project using an H dye and sodium alginate mixture for printing. I made screens by rubbing an item with wax in this case I used doilies my grandmother made.to simplify it greatly all you have to do is….. 1. build a screen 2. find something that has a lot of texture like lace 3. place screen on top of item and rub really well with wax; I used a candle. 4. pour a bit of ink, dye or whatever you are using for printing on one end of screen. 5. squeegee across getting it as even as possible. sometimes the unevenness is interesting, I guess in the end it all depends on what you are making.here are some photos of what I worked on.img_4070.jpgimg_4074.jpgimg_4071.jpgimg_4059.jpgimg_4060.jpgimg_4061.jpgimg_4069.jpgimg_4068.jpg

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this is a quilt I made for my history of fabric class.  I used unbleached cotton muslin and mx dyes to create a variety of color that still looked somewhat related.  As required by the class I did utilize a couple shibori techniques (tritik, clamp and crinkle)

I still havent bound it yet… that will be a late night movie watching project.   I am so SO glad to have this done.

img_4040.jpg img_4041.jpgimg_4043.jpgimg_4047.jpgimg_4049.jpgimg_4052.jpgimg_4053.jpgimg_4058.jpgimg_4054.jpg

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Collaborative quilt on a mission

A collaborative quilt made by fibers students is displayed in shopSCAD. Photo by Charlie RibbensPublished: Friday, February 8, 2008A collaborative quilt made by fibers students is displayed in shopSCAD. Tickets for a drawing, in which the quilt will be given away, can be purchased for $1 or with a donation of art supplies. Tickets can be purchased at shopSCAD or at the fibers department’s Open Studio, Feb. 22, 5:30-8:30 p.m., Gordon Hall, 439 E. Broad St. Proceeds, including the art supplies, will be given to Union Mission’s Growing Hope Artisan’s Cooperative.SCAD students and faculty as well as community members contributed by creating 42 quilt squares, which the fibers department assembled to make the top of the quilt. Each person was given a swatch of identical fabric to use in their 10-inch square to allow continuity between the pieces, but the design of each square was the decision of the contributor. Alumna Jen Jenkins (M.F.A., fibers, 2006) quilted the squares together.


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I have been really pressed for time and My friend Karin and I promised each other that we would do weekly journal quilts. I have been quilting for other projects and found it difficult to take the minimal time to make a couple of these. so here are two small quilted projects that I have done in the last two weeks since we decided to start this. the first is a pillow I gave my dear friend Dorothy for her thirtieth birthday.  the fabrics used are….  raw silk, rayon, bamboo, cotton velveteen and a cotton bamboo blend.  I used this fun birdy print for the reverse to make her heart feel better from missing her birds that live in Boston.


this next mini quilt is a cover for my history of fabric (otherwise known as the worst ten weeks of tie dye) notebook. all of the fabrics are natural dyes including logwood, tumeric, and an onion skin sun-dye bath, cochineal, and tea

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