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I hope to see everyone at this opening.  My friend Anna Keck is displaying her thesis work in the gallery space of SCAD’s Alexander Hall
Her work is extraordinary and a must see!


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I have been on the hunt for a small “portable” or table top loom ever since I took a weaving class several months ago. I really enjoyed weaving and think about it all the time but with little knowledge of looms and of weaving itself I didnt feel comfortable buying a new fancy loom. I had been searching craigs list and newspapers online with no luck. Well the other day I bumped into a woman who I have taken some fibers classes with a few years ago and mentioned to her that I was searching for an affordable table loom. she put me in touch with a good friend of hers who just so happened to have a Leclerc table loom in her garage that was lonely. This woman was so friendly and welcoming to me. She told me that she would be happy to loan this old loom to me so that I may become familiar with weaving and was just happy to have someone to love it again. She invited me to her home to pick it up and she talked to me about weaving and helped me to remember how to dress the loom, she is absolutely the nicest person I have met in years! The kind of person that makes you happy for days. So thank you Phillippa for being so generous, trusting and wonderful!!!! here are some photos of my new friend, I havent yet had the chance to dress him (Mr. Leclerc) but am hoping to do so next week or this weekend after the craft fair. I am so excited to start playing I just cant wait!!

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I am working on some tedious paper work type-o-stuff in my newly re organized studio.  While I am loving my new space for its functionality for work purposes Abby is loving it for the room she now has to stretch out.  this is not helping my motivation.   


I got in some new fabric to try for my dresses so I will be sewing those hopefully this week. once they are finished I will post them!

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I am not a big drawer but I am trying to be.  This class I am taking requires quite a bit of drawing so I have been working on my own form of drawing using inks, paper and some fabric.  on one sample I sewed a bit lets call it free motion thread drawing.    I took mainly close-ups.  I think that they are reall interesting as bits.  Somehow I am going to work that angle.. I think.

these are studies for possible quilt ideas.  just a way to explore different compositions, color and texture.  I’ll keep posting them as I fine tune and then finally get to the quilt.

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In the last few weeks I have reorganized my studio to make it a friendlier and more efficient place. I went on vacation to Sarasota, I wove a little scarf started two dresses and finished one.

here are a few photos from our hotel in Sarasota. I hung out in the downtown area every weekend when I was a kid and it is so very very different. That whole area has changed and it feels so far removed from it ever having been my home.

we also visited the ringling museum.

here are some pictures of the studio “redo”. I have had the most difficult time figuring out what it was that I needed to make this space truly functional. There are still a few more things I would like to add and it is still in need of tidying. but it is far more user friendly than it was before and I love being in there now!

in the middle of the chaos…

and after..

the nest few pictures are of two dresses that I am making. one I finished this afternoon; for that one I used a vintage linen tablecloth that once belonged to my grandmother. I have always loved the print and now I get to wear it! YAY!


the other dress is just started and is at a standstill as I wait for more fabric to come in. I am using raw silk and will be dyeing it and printing a pretty floral design on it. for now it looks a bit dowdy in its blah natural beige color.

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I have been sitting on a concept for an installation touching on handmade devices for suicide; namely nooses.  I decided that this idea has spent way too much time in theory.  So I am trying to pull it off as a ‘final project’ for my images on fabric class.  Initially I saw this as being knitted and crocheted, since that didnt work for this particular class I decided to open it up to quilting which really lends itself well to the idea.  I am using a few different fabrics, silk habotai, raw silk, cotton velveteen, and cotton shirting,  the concept is based on women suffering in silence,  how depression can be (and is) passed down through the generations like these crafts they are utilizing to create their own death devices.  This is just the beginning of working this out.  I have a long way to go, but I thought I’d share and hopefully get some feedback.I will post the other photos as I progress.nooseseries.jpgnooseseries6.jpg nooseseries2.jpg 

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I am just starting a project using an H dye and sodium alginate mixture for printing. I made screens by rubbing an item with wax in this case I used doilies my grandmother made.to simplify it greatly all you have to do is….. 1. build a screen 2. find something that has a lot of texture like lace 3. place screen on top of item and rub really well with wax; I used a candle. 4. pour a bit of ink, dye or whatever you are using for printing on one end of screen. 5. squeegee across getting it as even as possible. sometimes the unevenness is interesting, I guess in the end it all depends on what you are making.here are some photos of what I worked on.img_4070.jpgimg_4074.jpgimg_4071.jpgimg_4059.jpgimg_4060.jpgimg_4061.jpgimg_4069.jpgimg_4068.jpg

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