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I revisited a mini quilt I did from the “quilts for sleep” series. This one is more than twice the originals size and I hand painted it with fabric dyes. 15×14″; Raw silk, Wool, cotton , dyes, ink and a variety of threads.

I am working on finishing up a series of all tonal white quilts heres a shot of some of them waiting to be worked on.


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Here are some photos of the embroidery process I used to create the fleas.   I am changing the way I do this because I feel that these lose the feeling of hand made with how sewn they are. its very difficult to see the stitches in photo but its also difficult to see them in life since they are pretty dense, the next batch will be looser and have more of a hand quality.

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I have been working on some new techniques.  The last post of my work I showed some drawings that I had been working on using different types of inks and application techniques.  I incorporated that into quilting.  The first image is of a quilt made of cotton papers, it is hand sewn and has cotton batting in between the layers of paper.

These next few images are of a series I am now getting into which is the same “ink” process but on fabric.  I have been working on ways to achieve the same outcome as the paper paintings/drawings.

machine embroidered on printed cotton

the next is on raw silk.  (in progress-front)

and the reverse side (in progress)

I have several more hours of embroidery left and I need to think more about display issues.  but I would love to hear some feedback.  I will be working on other harbingers of disease in the coming weeks.

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I have been sitting on a concept for an installation touching on handmade devices for suicide; namely nooses.  I decided that this idea has spent way too much time in theory.  So I am trying to pull it off as a ‘final project’ for my images on fabric class.  Initially I saw this as being knitted and crocheted, since that didnt work for this particular class I decided to open it up to quilting which really lends itself well to the idea.  I am using a few different fabrics, silk habotai, raw silk, cotton velveteen, and cotton shirting,  the concept is based on women suffering in silence,  how depression can be (and is) passed down through the generations like these crafts they are utilizing to create their own death devices.  This is just the beginning of working this out.  I have a long way to go, but I thought I’d share and hopefully get some feedback.I will post the other photos as I progress.nooseseries.jpgnooseseries6.jpg nooseseries2.jpg 

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I am just starting a project using an H dye and sodium alginate mixture for printing. I made screens by rubbing an item with wax in this case I used doilies my grandmother made.to simplify it greatly all you have to do is….. 1. build a screen 2. find something that has a lot of texture like lace 3. place screen on top of item and rub really well with wax; I used a candle. 4. pour a bit of ink, dye or whatever you are using for printing on one end of screen. 5. squeegee across getting it as even as possible. sometimes the unevenness is interesting, I guess in the end it all depends on what you are making.here are some photos of what I worked on.img_4070.jpgimg_4074.jpgimg_4071.jpgimg_4059.jpgimg_4060.jpgimg_4061.jpgimg_4069.jpgimg_4068.jpg

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I have now made most of my samples into mini quilts. As I said in the earlier post this series is about loss of sane mind… inappropriate thought prosesses.

here are updated photos, they arent in the best lighting so I will re-update that once I have the series completed and the sunlight to take acceptable photos. Its really hard to see the quilting in these hopefully that will be more apparent in better lighting.


the next few photos are the reverse sides of these quilts in the same order




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these quilts were one of two series (or at least the begining of a series) that I showed as my final project for the art quilt class. I forgot to take pictures of them during the critique. I will post the other series; its called “blankets for the american people during terror”; as soon as I find a place in my house to hang them. it sort of takes up a lot of space.
this is a jacket I made. it was the first time i have ever made something like this. Its a bit too small for me so I will be gifting it to my mother in-law. I cant wait to make another one.

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