question for everyone.

I have been going through all of my clothing and with a new sense of strength I am letting go of very loved worn out clothing as well as things that I have “out grown”. Some of the items have found homes with friends and others have gone to a charity but what about the stuff that is too worn out or all my old undies? (I worked at Victoria’s secret for many years and have hundreds of undies that we will say I “out grew.”) so where does this stuff go. I have plenty of rags and I already have a huge HUGE bag of sewing scraps I use for stuffing. so where does this leave all much loved clothing? I cant find anything online about garment recycling so if any of you have an idea or need lots of fabric for scrap let me know!!!! I need HELP


Here are some coffee cup sleeves that will be for sale at the trustees garden market on the third and at the junk in the trunk show on the thirteenth. I am also going to have a couple quilts on display.

these sleeves are made from all recycled fabric.


I have been working on some new techniques.  The last post of my work I showed some drawings that I had been working on using different types of inks and application techniques.  I incorporated that into quilting.  The first image is of a quilt made of cotton papers, it is hand sewn and has cotton batting in between the layers of paper.

These next few images are of a series I am now getting into which is the same “ink” process but on fabric.  I have been working on ways to achieve the same outcome as the paper paintings/drawings.

machine embroidered on printed cotton

the next is on raw silk.  (in progress-front)

and the reverse side (in progress)

I have several more hours of embroidery left and I need to think more about display issues.  but I would love to hear some feedback.  I will be working on other harbingers of disease in the coming weeks.

I am working on some tedious paper work type-o-stuff in my newly re organized studio.  While I am loving my new space for its functionality for work purposes Abby is loving it for the room she now has to stretch out.  this is not helping my motivation.   


I got in some new fabric to try for my dresses so I will be sewing those hopefully this week. once they are finished I will post them!

I am not a big drawer but I am trying to be.  This class I am taking requires quite a bit of drawing so I have been working on my own form of drawing using inks, paper and some fabric.  on one sample I sewed a bit lets call it free motion thread drawing.    I took mainly close-ups.  I think that they are reall interesting as bits.  Somehow I am going to work that angle.. I think.

these are studies for possible quilt ideas.  just a way to explore different compositions, color and texture.  I’ll keep posting them as I fine tune and then finally get to the quilt.

new little things..

In the last few weeks I have reorganized my studio to make it a friendlier and more efficient place. I went on vacation to Sarasota, I wove a little scarf started two dresses and finished one.

here are a few photos from our hotel in Sarasota. I hung out in the downtown area every weekend when I was a kid and it is so very very different. That whole area has changed and it feels so far removed from it ever having been my home.

we also visited the ringling museum.

here are some pictures of the studio “redo”. I have had the most difficult time figuring out what it was that I needed to make this space truly functional. There are still a few more things I would like to add and it is still in need of tidying. but it is far more user friendly than it was before and I love being in there now!

in the middle of the chaos…

and after..

the nest few pictures are of two dresses that I am making. one I finished this afternoon; for that one I used a vintage linen tablecloth that once belonged to my grandmother. I have always loved the print and now I get to wear it! YAY!


the other dress is just started and is at a standstill as I wait for more fabric to come in. I am using raw silk and will be dyeing it and printing a pretty floral design on it. for now it looks a bit dowdy in its blah natural beige color.


I realized that There are a few works that I finished up and never posted. so here they are.

string quilt, hand dyed cotton. machine pieced and quilted.

hand woven scarf. Bamboo yarns.

As soon as I get my camera back I will be posting the scarf since I overdyed it as well as a small series of quilts I did entitles “Quilts for the American People During Terror”  a sarcastic series of five mixed media quilts. I will also be posting about a new series I am struggling with.  Its in the very beginning stages and needs lots more thought, research and feedback.  

I am heading to Florida to enjoy a quick vacation: take in art at Ringling Museum and get some work by artist Tomas Garcia. I’ll be back here in a few days!