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I have been sitting on a concept for an installation touching on handmade devices for suicide; namely nooses.  I decided that this idea has spent way too much time in theory.  So I am trying to pull it off as a ‘final project’ for my images on fabric class.  Initially I saw this as being knitted and crocheted, since that didnt work for this particular class I decided to open it up to quilting which really lends itself well to the idea.  I am using a few different fabrics, silk habotai, raw silk, cotton velveteen, and cotton shirting,  the concept is based on women suffering in silence,  how depression can be (and is) passed down through the generations like these crafts they are utilizing to create their own death devices.  This is just the beginning of working this out.  I have a long way to go, but I thought I’d share and hopefully get some feedback.I will post the other photos as I progress.nooseseries.jpgnooseseries6.jpg nooseseries2.jpg 


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